Who Are You…?

a seer with an incorruptible wand and a scrappy dog. sounds good

A thief with an ancient talisman and a careful ranger.

A Shape-shifting Monk with an adventurous cat… This sounds really cool omg

A mage with the power of flight and a scrappy dog.

A Princess with Invincibility and my companion is a simpering assassin.

Which makes a lot of sense, when you think about it.

A Priestess  with a blessed harp (makes sense) and a bABY DRAGON HELL YEAH



A knight with a beautiful gem, and a kindly nymph for a companion

A Seer with a blessed harp and a scrappy dog

…. that sounds pretty good and cute i must be the sidekick that dies

A Thief with the ability to fly and a tired mentor.

I’m guessing my mentor passes away from exhaustion and it effects me in both bad and good ways?

Princess who can control fire who has a servant boy

Archer with fairy dust and a warrior maiden HELL YEAH

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    A knight with fairy dust and a steadfast wolf. Sure…
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    Queen with the power of invincibility, and my companion is a kindly Nymph.I dig it.
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    I am a thief with a magic tome. I have a flirty pixie…
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    I am a seer with the control of energy. I too have a smitten healer as my companion.
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    An archer with the power of….flight? Okay? Companion: a smitten healer. Huh.
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    Mage, control of fire with a noble knight
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    A seer who can control air with an older brother.
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    A king with a sacred stone and a brash phoenix finally one of these gives me something cool
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    necromancer, golden scepter, loyal hanfmaiden
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